Universities across the world are striving to enhance the quality of the student experience; central to this mission is the establishment of an academic culture that celebrates, rewards and supports teaching achievement. Advancing Teaching is a global initiative to improve the reward, recognition and evaluation of university teaching. It is working with universities across the world to support and inform change to academic career pathways and institutional recognition systems.

Career Framework

The Career Framework for University Teaching is a resource to inform change to the institutional reward and recognition of university teaching

Faculty survey

More than 20 universities worldwide are participating in the Teaching Cultures Survey, which tracks the academic teaching culture over time

Global mapping

A new project, launched in November 2023, to map best practices in the global movement for change to the reward of university teaching


Open-access resources, including reports and videos on ambitions, experiences and practices at universities worldwide

Community meetings

Since 2016, leaders and change makers from universities across the world have come together for regular face-to-face meetings


Information on the goals and focus of the Advancing Teaching initiative, the community it supports, and its timeline of activities

Key project reports


Published: October 2022

Teaching Cultures Survey: 2022 findings

This report outlines key findings from the 2022 Teaching Cultures Survey, charting changes in academics' perceptions and experiences since 2019.

Teaching Cultures Survey: 2022 findings


The Teaching Cultures Survey 2022 is the second of three cross-sectional surveys designed to capture and track the culture and status of teaching within universities worldwide.

This report highlights consolidated findings from the 16 universities across eight countries that participated in the Teaching Cultures Survey 2022, including three new institutions that joined the survey for this run (11,614 academics in total). The report focuses on the ways in which survey findings have changed over time, between 2019 and 2022. The 2022 survey comes in the wake of an extended period of ‘emergency teaching’ across the higher education sector prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Published: October 2022
  • www.teachingcultures.com

Published: May 2019

Roadmap for Change

Based on a review of past initiatives to reform university academic pathways, this report offers information on key steps in the process of change and the challenges often encountered

A Roadmap for Change


Aimed at universities considering making changes to the way they recognise and reward teaching achievement, the Roadmap for Change is designed to help institutions avoid the pitfalls commonly associated with such reforms and to optimise the chances of a successful and sustainable change.

The Roadmap offers insight into how the process of reform might be planned and implemented. It draws on the experiences of universities that have engaged in changing institutional support and reward systems for teaching achievement, and is informed by in-depth interviews with individuals who played a key role in designing and delivering institutional reform at these universities. Based on these expert views, the Roadmap identifies strategies associated with successful changes to university systems for recognising and rewarding teaching.

  • Sponsor: 4TU Center for Engineering Education, The Netherlands
  • Published: May 2019

Published: April 2018

Career Framework

This 5 page document summarises the Career Framework for University Teaching, designed to guide and support academic career progression on the basis of teaching achivement

Career Framework for University Teaching


The Career Framework for University Teaching is designed to guide and support the career progression of academics on the basis of their contribution to teaching and learning. Offering both a structured pathway for academic career progression and an evidence base on which to demonstrate and evaluate teaching achievement, the Framework provides a resource that universities can adapt to their academic career structures and progression points. It can be used at each stage of the academic career, including appointment, professional development, appraisal and promotion

This five-page summary of the Framework is designed for use by academics seeking appointment, professional development and/or promotion. It can also be used by managers reviewing or evaluating appointment/appraisal/promotion cases. The document is structured around the three key questions that underpin each level of the Framework:

  • what is the academic’s sphere of impact in their teaching and learning activities?
  • what promotion criteria define the academic’s achievements in teaching and learning?
  • what forms of evidence can be used to demonstrate the academic’s teaching achievements?
  • Sponsor: Royal Academy of Engineering, UK
  • Published: April 2018
  • www.teachingframework.com