Universities across the world are striving to enhance the quality of the student experience; central to this mission is the establishment of an academic culture that celebrates, rewards and supports university teaching achievement. Advancing Teaching is a global initiative to improve the reward, recognition and evaluation of university teaching. It is working with universities across the world to support and inform change to academic career pathways and institutional recognition systems. All information and resources developed through the Advancing Teaching initiative are open-source and available for use by any institution or individual.

Career Framework

The Career Framework for University Teaching is a resource to inform change to the institutional reward and recognition of university teaching

Global survey

21 universities worldwide are currently participating in the Teaching Cultures Survey, which tracks the academic teaching culture


Open-access resources, including reports and videos on ambitions, experiences and practices at universities worldwide


Information on the goals and activities of the Advancing Teaching initiative, as well as its timeline of activities since 2014

2020 webinars

As an alternative to a face-to-face meeting in 2020, two webinars will be held in late November 2020 to bring the network together

Annual meetings

Since 2016, leaders and change makers from universities across the world have come together for an annual meeting