Overview of the Framework

The Career Framework for University Teaching is designed to guide and support the career progression of academics on the basis of their contribution to teaching and learning. Offering both a structured pathway for academic career progression and an evidence base on which to demonstrate and evaluate teaching achievement, the Framework provides a resource that universities can adapt to their academic career structures and progression points. It can be used at each stage of the academic career, including appointment, professional development, appraisal and promotion.

Adopted worldwide

The Framework – in various different forms – has been adopted by over 50 universities worldwide to inform to academic career pathways

Applicable to all academics

Applicable to all academics who teach – whether they be in an education-focused role or in a blended research/teaching role

Adaptable and open-source

The Framework can be adopted and adapted by any institution or academic worldwide

Collaborative design

Developed from 2015-2018 in partnership with educational experts and partner universities from across the world

Components of the Framework

The Framework is structured around four progressive levels of university teaching achievement.
For each of these four levels, the Framework addresses the following three questions:

The Framework is structured around four levels which can be characterised in terms of the academic's sphere of impact in teaching and learning. As the academic progresses through the Framework's levels, this sphere of impact progressively expands.

Promotion criteria are provided to define the academic's achievements in teaching and learning at each level of the Framework. These criteria are cumulative, with achievement at a higher level expected to be in addition to continuing achievement at lower levels.

Different forms of evidence that can be used to demonstrate university teaching achievement are outlined. Guidance is provided on the blend of evidence sources that can be used at each Framework level and how this evidence can be collected and presented.